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How I Travel Down Memory Lane

How I Travel Down Memory Lane

First ride to northern Thailand and beyond years ago

I daresay that for most of us, moto-travel leaves the most colourful and cherished memories. We talk about these experiences in coffee-shops and on workshop benches, relating them to friends and strangers, and the tales hardly grow stale over the years (at least to the ones recounting them). But memories are fractured and fleeting things.

Perhaps our ever-present camera phones will help to immortalize travel moments. But truthfully, how many of us shuffle through these archived photos years, months or even weeks down the road? At least we can count on the pop-up reminders from social media, every now and then.

I can see why travelers are fond of collecting postcards, fridge magnets and other trinkets from their holiday destinations. But moto-travel is equal parts journey and destination, and with limited luggage capacity, we cannot possibly be buying keepsakes from each of our checkpoints.

Nice, but simply no space for all of them!
Nice, but simply no space for all of them!

So it is with this in mind that I’ve started collecting motorcycle registration number stickers on my windshield – printed in the languages of the countries we visit, of course. A suitably-tall windshield is a must on any of my touring motorcycles, and they remain with me as keepsakes even after the motorcycle is sold.

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Latest in my collection
The latest in my collection.

These windshields turn out to be pretty good home decor as well. I complement these with moto-inspired artwork (visit our shop for limited edition canvas works), which make for great conversation starters and opportunities for reminiscence.

Moto-inspired home decor: artworks (left to right) by Anyhowlyyy and Chov Theanly
Moto-inspired home decor: artworks (left to right) by Anyhowly and Chov Theanly

How do you immortalize your adventures? Let us know in the comments section below!

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