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Tested: Barpad Toolkit by Rock Ready Engineering

Tested: Barpad Toolkit by Rock Ready Engineering

RRE Barpad Toolkit

Contributing tester: Woody Lim of Motosiao – DIY garage, motorstore and greasemonkey lepak clubhouse. Featured photographers: Woody Lim and Sng Meng Lee of Life View Photography.

It’s the ingenious adventure-sport solution we didn’t know we needed: a lightweight, padded toolset that mounts on your handlebar. Developed right here in Singapore by Rock Ready Engineering, the kit carries commonly used quarter-inch sockets and driver bits. It clocks in at 350g, which is just about what two hamsters weigh. Two fun-sized hamsters sitting on your handlebar – now, would that throw your bike’s handling out of whack? Only one way to find out.

We slapped the Barpad Toolkit onto some dirt bikes and headed for the trails.


Rock Ready Engineering Barpad Toolkit
What’s inside?
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 13mm Six-point Sockets 
Torx Key T20, T25, T30, T40 Driver Bits
Allen Key H4, H5, H6 Driver Bits

Phillips Head PH2 Driver Bit
Flathead 1.0 X 5.5 Driver Bit
1/4 inch Extension Bar 
1/4 inch Sliding T-Bar Handle
RRE Barpad Toolkit
Installation is a cinch. The kit straps onto most handlebars with risers and without crossbars, like on this WR250R. However, on some bikes, such as the CRF250L, the ignition switch gets in the way.

Safety & Handling

Now, Woody likes to attack the gnarly stuff, and he isn’t one to take it easy on his bike or gear.

On his Husqvarna 250, the Barpad Toolkit has had no noticeable effect on weight distribution and handling, and it doesn’t budge after a spill. There hasn’t been any issues of impact or injury in a crash either. Those hamsters aren’t going anywhere, and they aren’t looking to punch you in the face!

RRE Barpad Toolkit
Having said that, the Barpad Toolkit was designed for enduro and shouldn’t be used on the motocross track.
RRE Barpad Toolkit
How weatherproof is it? The foam casing is industrial grade and the outer wrap is synthetic leather vinyl. No leakage even after riding in the rain and a bike wash. The tools are made of corrosion resistant steel.


This easily accessible, bare-bones tool set can take on simple, low torque adjustments and repairs. It’s good enough for the trails, but on a longer ride we’d miss the ability to store critical extras like tyre levers, pliers, open wrenches and chain cutters.

We appreciate that the shiny finish on these tool bits make them easier to pick out when dropped in the mud or grass!

RRE Barpad Toolkit
Adjusting handlebar controls
RRE Barpad Toolkit
Loosening front wheel nuts
RRE Barpad Toolkit
Removing the seat to get to the battery

– Good overall quality and finishing.
– Easy to install and access on the go.
– Easily transferrable between bikes.
– Lightweight, neat and sturdy, with no impact on bike handling.
– Sufficient utility for enduro trails.
– Reasonably priced at 59 SGD.

– No security feature; easy to steal from an unattended bike.
– Occupies the entire cockpit, leaving no space for other devices.
– Does not fit on bikes with cross bars or cluttered cockpits.
– Limited range of tools.
– Vinyl cover is not fixed in place and could be fiddly to wrap up after accessing the tools.

The Barpad Toolkit works out to be an indispensable piece of kit for short enduro rides, especially when you find yourself needing to adjust a lever or straighten your front forks – all common trail riding scenarios. We can’t wait for the Rock Ready engineers to develop a version for adventure travel!

Update 22 Sept 2019:
Tougher, slimmer, weatherproof – the latest version of the Barpad Toolkit comes with upgraded tool bits that are s2 coated against impact and corrosion. Plus, 2 new storage slots for fuses, all in a slimmer package.

The Barpad Toolkit retails at 59 SGD from Use coupon code RUDEMACHINERY10 for 10% off.

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