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Falco Aviator boots for a riding noob

Falco Aviator boots for a riding noob

It happened a few hours after the rain. The tarmac was dry so I was confident to make a turn with more throttle than my tyres could handle. The rear tyre skidded on road markings and I didn’t have time to react. My motorcycle and I kissed the public road for the first time. It felt like lying down at 30 km/h. I stood up and looked around to see a traffic police officer diagonally across. Skidding by yourself is a traffic offence and with that and adrenaline in mind, I lifted my 110 kg motorcycle and left the scene behind-naked. I left behind some of my skin, shreds of yoga pants, and motorcycle paint (the same items I left at my ex’s apartment excluding a toothbrush).

My Rude Machinery mates were some of the first people I told. They’ve been telling me to get proper gears and it took a skid to make me finally go to Regina Specialties and invest in some. I mean, having showers with raw wounds are not fun. First procurement was a pair of sturdy, waterproof boots.

motorcycle boots
I looked for leather boots with waterproofing that fits me and my motorcycle pegs.

Honestly, I spent more time than I have to locally source female riding boots. Usually, a shop will only carry two choices, in uncomfortable sizes, and they look too chunky. I advise calling the shop beforehand.

I decided on the Falco Aviator at SGD 280. She (I christened the boots Nancy) is made of waterproof leather. I rode her in the rain for hours and she is so waterproof. I can’t get her wet. My other waterproof hiking boots only lasted two hours. Aviator Nancy has both laces and zippers for easy access. You would have to lubricate the zippers at the start. She grips the pedals and the road like an admirer with abandonment issues. Falco Aviator Nancy makes me feel secure and good about myself, which helps me focus on my riding.

Laces for style and zippers for accessibility!

I wouldn’t say leather boots are for everyday use (and that’s not a bad thing). Nancy needs her space so I use her three times a week at most. She also needs sayang every month with good leather cleaners and oil. She is reinforced at the toes, heels, and ankles so she feels like a heavy, secure hug. In any case, I am not one to stop you riding to your neighbourhood mall to buy your daily hokkien mee while lugging Nancy leathers if that’s your thing.

The soles have good grip even on rainy days.

If I go touring, Nancy would be very adequate to have along. Of course, I’d have to buy another pair of riding shoes – a lighter backup that I can overuse on bone-dry days. I know friends who have six pairs of riding boots but I hope I can be loyal to two.

Next up in the armoury will be a mesh jacket!

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