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Motorcycle Jacket for a Noob

Motorcycle Jacket for a Noob


What looks better than riding a motorcycle is looking the part. Donning that slick motorcycle jacket doesn’t only feel good on your skin, it helps keep that skin intact when slicking through an accident. You can knock on wood but getting yourself a mesh jacket is more effective at chasing that suay away. According to the Singapore Police Force, there were more than 4000 motorcyclist accidents last year and 65 of those were fatal. Not all motorcyclist accidents end up with bruises, broken bones, or lead to hospitalisation, but what most have in common is road rash. Yet we see other riders in singlets, shorts, and slippers. Singapore is too hot to wear a jacket! I’d rather sweat buckets than expose skin. Heat is easier to manage than road rash. It won’t be that bad with a mesh jacket. 

No problem with the zipper.

Since it’s Singapore’s birthday, it feels like it’s everyone’s birthday as all motorcycle gear shops are having a 54% off promotions. As someone who works in marketing, I only buy when there are promotions. That’s the real price. I bought my Macna Rush with Night Eye technology mesh jacket at Regina Specialties. They’re selling the jacket at SGD 289.90 at retail price. I suggest you go down to Jalan Besar and wink at them more and that retail price will go lower.

I suggest replacing lighter elbow and shoulder pads. Chest protectors need to be added.

Riding in it feels like there’s air conditioner inside your clothes because of its breathability. That is until you stop at a traffic light. On a cold night, I wear another layer on top of it because it’s so breathable. It came with shoulders, elbows, and back protection padding. I found the pads too heavy so I replaced them with lighter ones. Also, the whole fabric lights up when headlights pass you buy at night. The jacket’s fabric technology makes the whole thing a reflector. 

Claps* Light turns on*

If you’re a scrawny person, you will look swole in this jacket. My helmet looks disproportionately bigger than my narrow shoulders but with the jacket, everything is balanced out. There is a ladies’ cut. The people at Regina Specialties advised me to buy a size that clings to the body because loose clothes are bad for aerodynamics. They are very helpful even to new riders so ask questions!

Side view
Never too hot for a jacket.

Some of you might think, you’ve already indulged in a yummy machine that costs thousands of dollars. I can’t spend more! To which I say, first, you shouldn’t be buying a motorcycle if you can’t afford the jacket. Just as you’ve factored in your COE, fuel, parking, insurance, road tax, and maintenance, you can’t exclude proper gear. Even to a beginner like me, this makes sense to invest in it! Rude Machinery always advocates proper gear for proper riding. Ride safe!

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