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Bespoke Leather Race Suits: why they’re better

Bespoke Leather Race Suits: why they’re better

Read on for a good deal — don’t say bojio!

The best place to go fast safely is the race track. There’s no errant traffic to deal with, no speed cameras to worry about, and in case the rubber side goes up, there’s ample run-off space to slide to a stop without slamming into a rigid kerb or bollard. 

Many speed enthusiasts are daunted by the cost of the sport, though – soft, sticky track tyres are about S$450 a set, track day fees are usually S$160 per half day session (4 sessions per track day), and a leather suit from an established brand starts from S$1,000. On top of that, there are considerable expenses for transportation to the track, and maintenance of a performance-ready sports bike, among others.

While there’s no getting around most of those fundamental costs, one of the most crucial investments is a proper race suit. If you’re looking to push limits, you should not be skimping on protection, and the suit is a mandatory entry requirement at most tracks anyway. While shopping around for the best value for my dollar, I was introduced to RACECARBON bespoke suits – leather armour that’s made to measure, for a very attractive price.

Cost savings

Let’s have a look at what’s available in the market. Popular brands such as Alpinestars and Dainese offer entry-level cow hide race suits from US$ 700 – about S$970 – excluding shipping. Upgrade to more premium features such as kangaroo hide and the cost leaps to US$ 1,200 – about S$1,660 – and above, excluding shipping. These are basic models which come in standard sizes and proportions. 

It’s the price tag on RACECARBON custom suits which got us all excited. Cow hide models retail from S$800, while kangaroo hide averages S$1,380. On top of that, RACECARBON is offering a 10% discount to our readers – write to us at for details. 

Quality features

These suits don’t fall short on premium features either. Here’s what they offer in terms of protection, comfort and mobility:

– CE Level 1 armour on elbows, shoulders and knee, with option to upgrade to CE Level 2
– Aerodynamic spoiler and back protector
– Titanium inserts on shoulders, knees, elbow
– Replaceable elbow and knee sliders
– Elasticated joint areas for mobility and comfort
– Option of perforated leather for better ventilation
– Sweat-wicking inner liner

Racecarbon race suit
Titanium inserts and sliders on premium leather.
racecarbon leather race suit
A close up at comfortably worn-in Australian leather. Smells like adrenaline!

VIP treatment

Those of you who have never attended a custom fitting will be in for a treat – the “measuring” bit of the made-to-measure experience is quite a novelty. The attention to detail is exactly what ensures that you’ll have a second skin of leather at the end of it.

Now, this is not a sponsored post, and we were paying customers ourselves, so you can expect the same individualized treatment from the team at RACECARBON.

Treated just like an actor and celebrity… oh wait, he is!

There are also sample suits on hand for those who’d like to get a feel of the final product.

Protection stays in place in case of a tumble

The big deal about made-to-measure race riding apparel is that they keep armour snugly in place, allowing them to do their protective job in case of a slide or tumble. One-size-fits-all suits usually have loose-fitting areas where armour or leather can shift out of place.

If you’re wondering, the protection works — the RACECARBON suits have been tried and tested!

Don’t believe it? Just ask Benedict. Photo credit: Racecarbon’s Facebook

Go faster, get photographed better

Fitted suits also mean less sag and drag in the wind, giving you that aerodynamic advantage.

The fitted RACECARBON suit certainly made me look faster than I actually am

There are also no saggy bits flapping in the wind, ruining your perfect picture. Do it for the gram!

Ducati track day
Comfortable gear means you can keep all your attention focused where it matters.
They look so good even off the track: the cats approve!

From measurement to construction, you can expect about a month for these bespoke suits to be completed. Order them well in advance of the next track day!

Find out more at
Get your custom RACECARBON leather suit at 10% off.

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