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Stay ahead of flat tyres with FOBO Bike 2

Stay ahead of flat tyres with FOBO Bike 2

FOBO 2 tyre pressure monitoring system

17 Nov 2019..

Why do I need a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?

I have learnt to be particular when it comes to tyre choices and maintaining an optimal tyre pressure on my motorcycles. An under inflated tire can cause heavy steering, unstable cornering and even pinch a tube (it’s happened to me). I’ve always envied the big premium motorcycles that come with built-in TPMS; it takes away the guesswork and uneasiness when you hop onto a bike that has been left parked for awhile.

So I was delighted to discover the FOBO Bike 2, a smart tyre pressure monitoring system powered by Bluetooth 5.0 technology. My bikes could now boast a TPMS feature as well!

FOBO 2 tyre pressure monitoring system


FOBO Bike 2 comes with plenty of spares and accessories – more than you could possibly need, if you ask me – and they look well built. It basically works with a pair of valve caps that are equipped with pressure sensors and are powered by CR1632 batteries. These batteries are supposed to last for up to one year, and come with 2 spares in the box.


Installation is really pretty simple; it doesn’t take a geek to figure this part out. I could easily set up a new pairing within 5 mins. Instructions are clear and minimal. You just need to download the FOBO Bike 2 app, open it and go through the steps with the FOBO in hand, standing by your bike.

  1. Set up your bike name and tyre pressure numbers. Add a picture if you like.
  2. Screw on the rear cap when prompted and place phone near it. Pairing is done in a jiffy. Repeat for front cap.
  3. There is no step 3. Its done. Yeap.
FOBO 2 tyre pressure monitoring system phone app installation
FOBO 2 tyre pressure monitoring system phone app installation
FOBO 2 tyre pressure monitoring system phone app installation


You can program the FOBO app to prompt you when tyre pressure falls below a predetermined pressure, or you can simply run the app when you are near your bike and it will provide real time tyre pressure and temperature readings, along with the FOBO’s battery life. The FOBO app can accommodate multiple bikes / vehicles, and there are some features for group riding which I have not explored.

FOBO 2 tyre pressure monitoring system phone app

Security (Theft-proofing)

If you are worried that the FOBO’s screw-on tyre caps will be a magnet for thieves, the good news is that there are two layers of security designed into this TPMS.

First, the caps will be rendered useless if someone else removes it for his own use. The unit will not pair again without being disabled by its owner. I wouldn’t worry about anyone trying to steal my FOBOs unless they have a strange fondness for fat tyre valve caps.

Secondly, the FOBO set comes with locking nuts that are reverse mounted with the valve caps and tightened by a special key. This actually immobilises the valve caps and prevents them from being unscrewed by hand. While this is quite a strong anti-theft measure, I found the locking nuts to be a hassle when I needed to inflate the tyres. The extra steps of unlocking, removing nuts and putting them back on afterwards is just too much work. I would rather live with just one level of security.

FOBO 2 tyre pressure monitoring system tyre valve cap


Overall, I’m very pleased with the FOBO Bike 2 TPMS system. It was effortless to install and works well so far. This is an affordable way to unlock a premium feature for your motorcycles, and will save you unnecessary trips to the air pump. It definitely inspires confidence to know my precise tyre pressure before riding out.

Where to get FOBO Bike 2

Get the FOBO Bike 2 at the Rude Machinery store here. Free delivery within Singapore.

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