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HUCK Helmet Racks: damage-free display

HUCK Helmet Racks: damage-free display

Damage free display

22 Nov 2019..

Familiar mess?
Is this a familiar sight?

Let’s be honest, most of us buy more helmets than we actually need. Then comes storage problems. Here’s a pro-tip: work your helmets into the decor by displaying them on wall-mounted racks!

No problem!
A beautiful solution to storage woes. Photo: Simz Werkz

After shopping around, I’ve found that HUCK makes some of the most functional and good looking helmet racks available in the market. The HUCK range is designed and made in Taiwan by a bunch of Taiwanese bikers who appear to spend just as much time in the garage as in furniture stores. They’ve created biker-centric furniture and accessories that stand up to Taiwan’s humid tropical climate, which is pretty similar to Singapore’s.

Storage without damage

A key feature that sets HUCK apart from other helmet racks is its ability to hold helmets without damaging them. Beware of racks that mount helmets on a single pressure point – this flattens the inner cushion and protective foam, destroying their comfort and protective functions. Even helmet holders that claim to use a bigger holding surface area will still cause deterioration, just at a slower rate.

helmet racks with pressure points

The HUCK racks prevent material deformities by using base plates to support the weight of the helmet. An anti-slip rubber holder helps to keep all sizes and shapes of helmets in place. Cut outs in the base also allow plenty of air flow to keep funky smells at bay.

Well designed baseplate
The HUCK baseplate

Versatile usage

With the help of your Interior Designer or contractor, these HUCK racks can incorporate your helmets beautifully into a feature wall. No ID at your disposal? Not a problem. Simz Werkz, the local distributor of HUCK, can help with wall installation. They do recommend using a solid brick wall for better integrity instead of a partition wall, though.

The HUCK helmet racks come in various mounting configurations so that bikers can choose what works best for their spaces:

  • Wall mounted (comes with each helmet rack, regardless of variant)
  • Door & Wall Hanger (sold separately) 
  • Desktop Stand (sold separately)
Wall mounted (left); Door & Wall Hanger (right).
Wall mounted (left); Door & Wall Hanger (right). Photo: Simz Werkz

These wall-mounted setups can be removed when necessary, leaving a discreet plate on the wall. More versatility for your buck.

The HUCK racks come in four variants:

  • Basic Helmet Rack
  • Helmet Rack with USB Fan (2000 rpm)
  • Helmet Rack with AC Fan and Ionizer (3200 rpm)
  • Helmet Rack with Adjustable Fan Speed Control (up to 4900 rpm)

These racks come with hooks or slots for motorcycle jackets to be hung under the helmets. You can also choose to add on a Glove Drying Rack that holds gloves in lieu of a helmet.

My configuration
My purchases: HUCK Helmet Rack with USB (S$ 120), Desktop Stand (S$ 30), Glove Drying Rack (S$ 25)
Helmet Rack with USB Fan + Desktop Stand set up
Helmet rack with USB fan + desktop stand set up
Glove Drying Rack
The same USB fan can be used on damp gloves, with the Glove Drying Rack.

It would have nice if the base plate screws could have been matched with the overall black colour scheme. Otherwise, the quality and finishing of the racks are well up to standard.

Where to buy

The HUCK helmet rack with USB fan is available at the Rude Machinery store here. Free delivery within Singapore.

Rude Machinery tries biker stuff – and if we like it, we’ll recommend it, and sometimes even get you a discount! Found any great gear you’d like fellow riders to hear about? Enlighten us:

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