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5 Questions with Rex Tan

5 Questions with Rex Tan

Rex Tan BHH

For the man at the helm of homegrown motorcycle specialist company Ban Hock Hin, riding is both work and play. Self-professed track addict Rex Tan drops some wisdom on being a better motorcyclist (hint: it’s more than just being able to go faster). The guy knows damn well what he’s talking about, being Asia’s first “Champions Certified Coach”, trained by world-renowned riding academy, Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS). Take notes, people!

Qn: I just got my license and my parents are freaking out. Seriously, how likely is motorcycling to ruin my life?

Depending on how you approach motorcycling, it can go either way, just as any other thing in this world. If you take up motorcycling with a readiness to invest in learning the skills, equipping yourself with the right safety gear and to ride with safety as a priority, it is more likely to add to your life as opposed to ruining it.

Qn: What are some essential skills I’ll need to ride better in the real world?

Understanding how a motorcycle works! There is a lot of science behind it, but of course it can be broken down and explained and taught. I would say one of the most important areas is to learn how to brake.

Qn: What are the top 3 riding gears I should never skip before hopping on my bike?

Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, all CE certified.

Qn: How skilled must I be to take part in a track session?

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I would say some riding experience would be good, but its not required. The track is just like the road, except safer. Understand the basic dos and don’ts of going to the track and it really doesn’t matter how “skilled” you are, you will have a blast, and most importantly, it is the one of the best places to practice and hone your riding skills.

Qn: What was your best day ever on a motorcycle?

Wow, there’s a lot of them; every day that I am riding and stay on the bike is a great day. But I would have to say that the best two days ever on a motorcycle were back in 2016 when I went for the Yamaha Champions Riding School in the USA with a very good friend of mine. That trip was super memorable, and most importantly, I learnt so much during those 2 days and it changed my riding so much. I am so much safer but yet able to go much faster than I have before on the track. The skills and concepts I picked up also apply to the street and I have used those skills to keep me out of harm’s way several times.

“What’s this Yamaha Champions Riding School?”, you say. We attended its inaugural Asia edition at Sepang, Malaysia, in January this year. Stay tuned for the high octane lowdown from Richard Lim. 

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