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Deemeed Helmet Security Bag

Deemeed Helmet Security Bag

Deemeed Helmet Bag on Hayabusa

Some of us like to keep our motorcycles as svelte and pannier-free as they come, but sooner or later we all want to carry stuff on our ride. You see, your $600 Arai helmet might cost more than your shoes, but it’s still a damn awkward thing to sling around in the mall. When the novelty of walking around with your biker armour wears off, and your bike doesn’t come with luggage, where do you store them after you park?  

It looks like there could be a neat solution in the Deemeed Helmet Security Bag, a slash-resistant, waterproof and lockable tube that rolls up for compact mounting on any motorcycle. 

The Deemeed Helmet Security Bag comes in Double (left) and Single versions. On the inside: plush, anti-scratch fabric that pampers helmets. The outer shell is wire-reinforced, waterproof nylon.

The Double version is roomy enough to stash 2 full face helmets and small accessories like gloves, or a single full face and a jacket. It’s also good for electronics like your navi system, tablet and comms set. 

The bag’s opening tightens up with a steel line and lock that can be secured to your motorcycle frame. It can be left to hang off the handlebar with the mouth facing downwards, using a velcro loop, so that the contents are secure from rain.


Daily sportsbike commuters Vernon and Barry – aka the Motorgrapher – put the Deemeed Helmet Security Bag through a few hectic work weeks of their own. Here’s what they think. 

Park it, bag it, stash it. Vernon shows us how it’s done with the Single version of the Deemeed Helmet Security Bag.
Video: Vernon

Putting it to the test

As a full-time, professional automotive photographer, I’m always on the go, and I often hang out in cafes on weekends or after work. When I park, I can use a flexible lock to stash my helmet, but I’ll still have to carry my bulky riding jacket around with me.

– Barry the Motorgrapher
Barry's Hayabusa
This is as loaded as Barry’s Hayabusa gets. Don’t ask him to ruin that sexy silhouette with panniers!
Photo: Barry the Motorgrapher

Gearing up saves your skin, but it comes with its own set of logistical challenges. My Ducati just wouldn’t look good with a saddle bags or panniers. This light, spacious and slash proof helmet bag makes sense for those who ride in full protective gear but just don’t enjoy the idea of looking like a biker while walking around off the bike.

– Vernon
Vernon's Ducati
Vernon’s red devil. Just don’t weigh him down with boxes.
Photo: Vernon

What they liked

Deemeed Helmet Security Bag on Hayabusa
The Deemeed Helmet Security Bag attaches to the handlebar with a velcro strap, and secures to the wheels with a steel line and lock. Barry’s using the Double version of the bag.
Photo: Barry the Motorgrapher


Stashing your gear with your motorcycle means greater mobility and flexibility for you, off the bike. Cafe hopping is so much more of a breeze when you don’t have to wait for a bigger table to make room for a bunch of gear.


The bag delivers on its promise: it’s secure from slash-thieves and the weather, and easy to set up. The plush, bright orange interior is a thoughtful detail – it’s kind to helmets, while allowing you to pick out your dark coloured gear easily. 


Rolled up, the bag is designed to buckle down to any motorcycle body frame, front forks or sissy bars, although it admittedly looks best on a cruiser-style bike. Off the bike, it can be slung over the shoulder marine-style and used for many other purposes and situations. 

What they didn’t like

Deemeed Helmet Security Bag on Ducati
All that rolling, squeezing and strapping might not be for someone who’s in a hurry.
Photo: Vernon


A roll bag loses out to pannier boxes in convenience. It takes a few fiddly minutes to remove the bag from its sleeve, unroll it and stash your gear – and it’s the same drill again when you’re unpacking it all to ride. You’ll also have to be sure to string up and lock the bag to your motorcycle before you leave it parked out for the night, or risk having it stolen. Not something for the run-and-gun rider!

Vulnerable lock

The small padlock that comes with the bag doesn’t inspire confidence. Be prepared to swap it out for a tougher version of your own, preferably a combination lock that doesn’t add to the number of keys you’ll need to pocket around. 

Lack of mounting options for sportsbikes

Full-fairing motorcycles don’t have much exposed frame areas to strap the bag to, so sportbikers will probably have to resort to carrying it in their tank bags or backpacks. 

Who is the Deemeed Helmet Security Bag for?

If you are a tee-and-jeans rider who can’t be bothered about helmet scratches or weatherproofing, this isn’t a product for you. If quick and easy access is a priority, you’d be better off with just a simple helmet lock. 

If you always gear up to ride (good on you!), and care about maintaining the condition of your gear, the Deemeed Helmet Security Bag is one of the best alternative storage options available for a bike without panniers.

– Vernon

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