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Lessons on how not to die on the road

Lessons on how not to die on the road

Interview behind the scenes

Do you ride a motorcycle? Then you are among the most vulnerable road users in Singapore, where riders and their pillions account for about 1 in 2 road deaths. In fact, our country’s road fatality rate surpasses that of London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. What better way to reap wisdom than from the experiences of others? Rude Machinery sits down with familiar faces in the local riding scene to ask them: “Can you tell us about the worst road accident you’ve had?”

Rex: Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) certified coach and self-professed track addict.

Juvena: Rode over 44,000km from Singapore to Europe on a scooter.

Daniel & Peifa: Cross-continent journey derailed by a bone-breaking accident.

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