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MT Helmet Review: Budgeting your head protection

MT Helmet Review: Budgeting your head protection

It’s generally advised to change helmets every five years. I’m not a spendthrift but I’ve bought five helmets in a year because I buy entry-level gear; they wear and tear quickly. I am not bothered with gear showing cosmetics and will place my helmet on the ground while putting on my jacket and gloves. I leave my helmet in a bag and on the motorcycle in the carpark, whispering a small prayer that no one steals it before I walk off. Moreover, I ride in the sun and rain for long periods. Extreme temperatures are not friendly with any entry-level gear. I have a list of brands I wouldn’t buy from again but I might stay a while with my one-year-old MT Helmet.

Side view of helmet
The visor is still shiny and scratchless despite being dropped many times.

A year ago, the lining of my Nexx helmet was disintegrating and the peak and visor were stuck. It’s been through a lot. I went to Regina Specialties to check if I could get it fixed, promising myself not to buy anything else. I came out of the store with a broken promise and a new helmet.

The MT Helmet Avenue SV is tested and standards approved. It has removable pads that you can wash separately which is not common among the other cheaper helmets I had. The buckle is quick-release. You must push out the visor to unlock it before you can flip it up. The sun visor smoothly slides up and down whereas my earlier helmets always had stuck levers. It also blocks the sun better. All these designs are referenced from higher-end helmets. The retail price on the store’s website is SGD 168.

Side view of helmet
Side view with rider’s hair. Weird and ugly screws exposed by the side.

It weighs around 1.6 kg, 400 g more than a carbon helmet. For rides longer than three hours, you can feel the weight difference. If your neck and shoulders get stiff while riding, do some shoulder shrugs, gentle neck rotation, bob your chin forward and back, and stretch the neck side-to-side for a few repetitions.

This Spanish company was founded in 1968 and became known as titular sponsors for MotoGP championship teams across all classes. Their helmets are manufactured in China since 2000s. MT Helmet is known for its low-cost products.

As a lady who wears make-up to work, I have to compromise a few awkwardness by wearing a helmet. I bought a medium size and it was tight. I agree that a large would fit me better but I have narrow shoulders and I’m trying not to look like a bobblehead. The other Nexx half-face helmet I had did not smudge my make-up but it also exposed my ears, a vulnerable organ close to the brain. That medium Nexx helmet used to twirl on my head on its own when I check my blind spot. This MT open-faced helmet hugged my face to my cheeks and I had to wear a balaclava to keep my make-up on. I should change the liner to large.

Find a helmet that suits your shoulders
Find a helmet that suits your shoulders.

This design is supposedly a limited edition so, in a year, I’ve only found one other rider sporting the same helmet. You can buy other designs at Regina Specialties. They have a sale until the end of August. Hopefully, I can stick with this one for a while. No scratches yet. I’ll post another blog when a scratch comes.

Rider with helmet on motorcycle
Stay safe, wear a helmet.
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