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Rimba Raid 2023 Racer Feature: Yen & Richard

Rimba Raid 2023 Racer Feature: Yen & Richard

Sports can often demand solitude and individual focus, but for some couples, shared passions become the fuel that strengthens their bond. Art brought Yen and Richard together, motorcycles deepened their relationship. Now getting ready to take on the challenging Rimba Raid 2023, representing Rude Machinery x Bad Decisions Offroad Club. Their story is about the power of shared experiences and visible support that couples can provide to each other as they navigate life.

Some motorcycling spouses swear never to get on two wheels, while others are happy to rough it out on tours, on breakfast rides or even ride sidecar. Then, there are couples who are both equally passionate about riding and generally cannot be seen anywhere without the other.

Yen and Richard’s journey into the world of dirtbiking began with simple road trips and touring. They gradually ventured into dirtbiking. Starting with Richard, Yen following suit initially begrudgingly but ultimately embracing it. They formed lasting friendships and a sense of belonging within the dirtbiking community in Singapore, overcoming injuries, hardships and losses along the way.

Yen, a curator at a contemporary art museum in Singapore, finds fun and excitement in the world of off-road motorcycling. Her love for adventure and the irresistible roar of a dirtbike engine drives her to explore new experiences. Richard, involved in the arts for work and leisure, also played a crucial role in the convergence of art and motorcycles at Rude Machinery combining creative expression and the adrenaline rush of dirtbiking.

For Rimba Raid 2023, Yen will be partnering Sambal, her beloved Honda CRF300L. She describes Sambal as a dream come true, capable of tackling any terrain with ease. Although Rimba Raid 2023 will be their first shot at a long distance endurance race, Yen and Sambal have already embarked on numerous adventures, from exploring Sungai Lembing to camping at Lemarko.

Richard, more of a competitor with his eyes set on a good finish, matter of factly says he will be riding a Honda CRF300L. Having learned a great deal in finishing Rimba Raid 2022, Richard will be more appropriately challenged in a higher class against the best riders in the region. He credits his maiden finish last year to the riders who stopped and helped him with the multiple technical issues he faced along the course. The fact that he lost all that time dealing with the issues and still finished with a good time is testament to his abilities.

Yen finds inspiration in both prominent female riders such as Vanessa Ruck, Sandra Gomez, Megan Griffiths, and Crystal Levesque, as well as her own role models within the dirtbiking community in Singapore. Notably Zoe, a remarkable rider known for her consistency and experience, is an inspiration for Yen. Witnessing these exceptional women thrive in a male-dominated sport fills Yen with a sense of emotional torque.

Preparing for Rimba Raid 2023 has been a fun but measured and disciplined process for Richard and Yen. Fun riding trails on weekends, discipline in between incorporating strength and cardio training into their routine. Yen has had to stick to swimming, cardio exercises, stair climbing, and calisthenics. A prior anterior hip dislocation put an end to her running.

Yen credits Richard for sharing the joys of motorcycling and essentially his entire life with her. In awe of his unwavering dedication to improving technique, being ever generous with sharing knowledge with others she says his greatest weakness is Lactose.

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Research suggests couples who engage in sports together experience increased happiness, improved efficiency in workouts, and strengthened emotional bonds. For Yen and Richard, taking on Rimba Raid 2023 is not only a test of their endurance and skill but also an opportunity to strengthen their love and deepen their connection. The shared experience of working towards testing their limits and achieving goals forges a deep and lasting bond.

Richard hopes to compete in more hard enduro races for the rest of 2023. Yen thinks her mind and body will look forward to days watching movies from a supine position when she is done with Rimba Raid 2023.

As Yen and Richard gear up for Rimba Raid 2023, their journey serves as proof of the power of shared passion within a relationship. Their love for art and motorcycles has not only brought them closer together but also driven their aspirations and adventures.

Good luck Yen and Richard!

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