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Rimba Raid 2023 Racer Feature: Chris Liu

Rimba Raid 2023 Racer Feature: Chris Liu

Chris is a popular regular in the Singapore dirtbiking community. If he is not riding in one of the world’s smallest enduro trails in a tucked away corner of Singapore, he is usually out pouring out beverages and toasting everyone.

Chris is among the world’s top trailside cooks. A chef of his caliber does not mess with camping stoves and tins, Chris has dished out some amazing restaurant sized, mouthwatering meals with a Wok and Hawker Stove trailside. We’re talking Char Kway Teow and KL Hokkien Mee perfected by a 2-wheel trotting connoisseur who has roamed corners of Asia and sampled every abundance it has to offer. His Lor Mee is said to have healing powers.

Tell us about yourself. Family, work, camping, other hobbies, passions, interests.

I retired from corporate life in 2015 and devoted myself to biking. Started riding after my O Levels and have owned bikes ever since except for my working stint of 4 years in Hong Kong. Kids are grown, I can devote my time to bikes! I have owned 29 bikes and still counting, majority are dual purpose and enduro bikes. I’ve had my share of Beemers during my touring days. Travelling on a bike is another hobby which I would like to continue, it exposes the world for what it truly is! So far, I have covered Asia, Europe and hope to bike to the remaining continents. Other than that, finishing Rimba Raid is on the bucket list!

To get the expertise needed to tackle Rimba Raid one must ride lots of different terrain. And that means lots of saddle time with different riding buddies. Not everyone can ride every day like us retirees! We also try to learn the technical aspects so that we can overcome the obstacles faced riding Rimba Raid. We try hard but old bodies can rarely master new tricks and are often banged and bruised after the failed attempts. We still try and learn as much as we can!

Who is your riding role model? Itchy Boots, Graham Jarvis, Peter Hickman, Eval Knievel, your older brother, your dad?

The younger riders we ride with give me encouragement to try harder, if that idiot could do it I surely can!

Watching greats like Graham Jarvis, Pol Tarres and others just makes me regret not having retired earlier, if I started earlier maybe I would be better than the guys I ride with now! In my younger days, Japanese and Australians would come over and win the motocross races, there were no hard enduro or rally races in the eighties.

When did your training for Rimba Raid 2023 get started? What is your training strategy? Do you supplement riding with anything else like gym, mtb, running?

Well, the mental plan was to start right after RR2022 but as usual we dilly dallied and waited for confirmation of RR2023. What happens if we started serious training and organisers postponed it to 2024, would have wasted our effort! Next milestone was racing slots, based on popularity it seemed that slots would be difficult to obtain, start training only if we get a slot! Next thing we know it is 10 weeks to Rimba Raid 2023 and still have not started training!! I just paid a year’s subscription for gym and yet to complete two weeks of training, I had better ride more!

What are your goals for Rimba Raid 2023? Podium, finish, finish within a specific time?

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My aim is to win the oldest finisher medal, the first part I have already succeeded, I am currently the oldest participant! Next is to make it to the start line and finish the race!

If they have a medal for oldest finisher next year, I will try for that too! I might win a few more and then those young riders have nothing to say!

What are your words of advise for anyone riding for the first time this year or considering signing up next year?

I am entering Rimba Raid with my crf300. Originally, I wanted to ride my KTM Erzberg as it would be the best tool for the job but the distance to the support area is out of the fuel range and since my CRF has a larger tank it is the better choice. To finish the race, reliability of the bike should not be compromised! I have added many rider aids but hopefully none will fail! Currently, I am testing the bike in Singapore and Johor as these are the nearest riding areas. The Bike is performing well so far.

Make sure you know what you are getting into and what you aim to get out of it. Do it for the experience of meeting like-minded bikers and old uncles who want to show off their nice bikes!

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