Post Masonry – Style 2

Royal Enfield Singapore

Love in the Time of Corona: Royal Enfield Continental GT

Honest, capable and affordable, this is the quintessential cheap ‘n’ cheery ride for troubled times.

Cheap and Cheery Mutt Motorcycles Royal Enfield

Cheap ‘n’ Cheery: Mutt Motorcycles

Accessible Brit-cool for the working class.

BMW R18 First Edition Singapore

First look: BMW R18 First Edition

BMW’s biggest engine yet arrives in Singapore to eat some Harley pie. Here are our first impressions of the Berlin-built “Big Boxer”.

electric motorcycle

Electric Motorcycles – When, Singapore?

Over a decade since electric motorcycles first hit modern city roads, Singapore has yet to embrace the electric revolution.

Deemeed Helmet Bag on Hayabusa

Deemeed Helmet Security Bag

No panniers? Here’s how to store your gear without ruining your bike’s silhouette.


Noob Gets Data Scolding for Overspending on Motorcycle

A motorcycle noob visualises data on motorcycle spending.

DRZ400SM offroad

Offroading with a DRZ 400 SM – yay or nay?

Can an old, 145kg dualsport hold its own in terrain ruled by lightweight dirtbikes? Armed with some mods, a hard enduro enthusiast accepts the challenge.

motorcycles under 200cc

Delivery Riders’ Choice: 6 Motorcycles under 200cc

Small displacement machines that are confidence-inspiring and cost less to buy and maintain than some high-end bicycles. Best of all, you can get one with a beginner’s license. 

Inaugural SIC YCRS

Yamaha Champions Riding School

Want to ride faster & stay safer? Get schooled in applying the habits of racing champions to the street.

Rex Tan BHH

5 Questions with Rex Tan

BHH’s boss man, Rex Tan, drops some wisdom on being a better motorcyclist (hint: it’s more than just being able to go faster).

600's First TD

Journal of a 600’s first Track Day

Want to sign up for a Track Day, but haven’t a clue what it involves? Here’s an account of a typical SBR Track Day.

Durian Burung Kota Putra Checkpoint

2 Alternative routes into Thailand to skip the Sadao jam

When was the last time you tried a different border crossing from Bukit Kayu Hitam?