Motorcycle Towing

Shanker TowBroz
+65 9061 9948 / +65 9060 8860
24 hrs Singapore & Malaysia

Bike Rescue
+65 9189 4113
24 hrs Singapore

Alex Lee 76 Bike Services
+60 16 666 6894
Malaysia. Also offers repair and washing services

Traveller’s ID card

Emergency information that might save a life. Download the blank template (size 9cm x 4.5cm), fill in your personal details, and carry it with you in a place that can be easily accessed in case of a crisis.


Insurance for moto-travellers in Thailand

Faizal Mustaffah / Asia Insurance
+65 9850 5125
Buy ahead: Compulsory Thai motorcycle insurance and immigration forms delivered to you in Singapore. Also available is Voluntary insurance that covers first + third party damage and police bail bonds. The Compulsory insurance for sale at the Thai border only offers coverage in case of fatal accidents, and does not offer compensation for injury or damage to property – for instance, if you injure a pedestrian or hit somebody’s cow!

Asia Insurance motorcycle premiums
Voluntary & compulsory insurance plans

Request letter to Laos embassy

Before riding a foreign motorcycle into the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, you might be asked by border officials to produce a letter of permission from the Laos embassy. The embassy of Laos in Singapore is very specific about the format of request submission. Download the request letter template below and replace the dummy text (in blue italics) with the information relevant to your planned Laos trip. You will need to refer to your vehicle log card. Submit your completed request letter at the Laos embassy, along with photocopies of your passport, International Driving Permit and vehicle log card, as well as a S$20 fee. Try to also request for a letter of permission that is in both English and Lao. They should have your letter of permission ready for collection within a few days.

Download the editable word doc. template below.

Malaysia’s Road Transport Act

Who knows when you might need to shake the law in the face of some errant officer?