Meet the Team

Who are these people anyway?”

– Everyone else.


Richard Lim

Richard finds that riding a motorcycle is less nerve-wracking than navigating around the potholes of art world politics. He is just as happy gripping a paintbrush as a throttle.

Cherie “Anyhowly” Tan

Cherie went to school with overachievers. She grew up to fully embrace her wicked, underachieving ways and made art, rode motorcycles, wore dinosaur costumes to inappropriate places, and was generally awesome. She has recently discovered that the optimal number of underpants to pack for world domination on your motorcycle is 2.5.

Woody Lim

Woody Lim

Woody is a man of few words but many talents. He’s a walking garage, video editing wizard, and can really flog a dirtbike in the woods.

Tim Nga

Tim Nga

Tim sometimes does inappropriate things (like riding dirt bikes in underground carparks). This is Tim, don’t be like him.